Tired, exhausted, and sleepy, you drag yourself into your house after a long day at work. Upon entering the kitchen, you hear a soft dripping sound coming from underneath the sink. Curiously, you check to see what’s going on, only to see a small leak in the pipe fitting. “It’s no big deal,” you think to yourself. But no sooner than you could reach for the plumbing tape, the water pressure violently breaks away the pipe and starts splashing water everywhere. What was just a small water leak quickly turned into a massive flood and a plumbing nightmare. What do you do? Who do you call?

These situations happen all the time, but what’s annoying is that they don’t usually give out clear signs of breaking. They happen suddenly. But don’t worry. When plumbing emergencies occur, you can follow these simple steps and learn how to react quickly and logically.

1.   Locate and turn off the water shut-off valve

The first and possibly the most crucial step in a situation like this one is to shut off the water to prevent further damage. Even a small leak can rack up thousands of dollars in structural damage if left untreated. If you cannot find the shut-off valve, or it doesn’t stop the water completely, locate the main water supply to your home and shut it off. You can find the main water supply valve near the water meter.

2.  Assess the damage

Next, if you’re the only one who witnessed the plumbing emergency, try to analyze the situation. Ask yourself questions like: How significant is the damage? How bad is the issue? Are there many people around? Is it possibly dangerous, or is it harmless? Can you fix it yourself, or do you need to call a plumber?

The best way to come up with the correct solution is to analyze the situation without panicking. If you start to panic, you risk making things worse. As some people say, panicking is contagious. The information you gather in this step will give the plumber a good idea of the extent of the damage, and make it easier for them to fix the problem quickly.

3.  Call a professional plumber in your area immediately

Sometimes we wish we could DIY everything. But in reality, some things require professional help. This situation is one of them. Emergencies are usually messy, dirty, and sometimes dangerous. For this reason, you might not be able to handle it by yourself. It’d be better to call a certified plumber who knows what he’s doing and has all the right equipment for the job.

If you do not have a good plumber on call, you are living dangerously. You won’t find a good plumber by doing a quick internet search. But thankfully, you can find some of the most reliable, reasonable, and reputable plumbers on Credible Plumbers. Credible Plumbers is an excellent platform that brings quality plumbers and community members together. There, you can find and connect with licensed and insured plumbers in your area that can also install water filtration systems. As soon as you find a plumber that you think could solve your plumbing problem, give them a call immediately.

Alternatively, you can ask for personal referrals from family members or friends that you trust. These people probably had great experiences with specific plumbers, or they know other people who have had excellent plumbing work done recently. You can also check out online referral sites like HomeAdvisor for great plumbers.

4. Keep the area clear and soak up the excess water while waiting for the plumber

While waiting for the plumber to arrive, inform your kids and other members about what happened and tell them to steer clear of the area. Also, keep your pets away from the emergency area. With fewer people around, it would be more comfortable and more accessible for the plumber to work. If there’s an excessive amount of water in the area, soak it up with a mop, rags, towels, or heavy-duty paper towels.

Once the plumber arrives at your house, they will take care of everything and get the job done. Of course, you can help the plumber work faster and more accurate by providing some vital information. Start by telling them how the problem happened, step by step. Since you were there during the emergency, then you should know how it started. This information will help the plumber get a more precise idea of the issue and how to address it correctly. You can also mention how significant the damage is and how much water spilled or anything other important stuff like that. After that, you can sit back and trust the plumbers to take care of the rest. After all, they’re credible plumbers!

The Wrap Up

Plumbing can be complicated. Even routine fixes often need the touch of a professional plumber. When it comes on to emergencies, knowing how to react, and having the expertise of a certified and top-quality plumber service is essential. Visit Credible Plumbers today to find the best plumbers for your home. You’ll never know when another plumbing emergency is coming your way, so it’s better to prepare.

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